Understanding Behavioral Therapy


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Understanding the role that behavioral therapy plays in a child with autism’s life is essential. We know the overwhelming amount of information you must sort through, and we don’t want you to do it alone. While all your child’s therapy sessions and appointments are essential, understanding the necessity of behavioral therapy has many benefits. It will help you process exactly how behavior is linked to his communication skills, social skills, and the reasoning behind positive reinforcements during ABA therapy.

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What is Behavioral Therapy?

Behavioral therapy focuses on working with the parent and child to teach techniques that will replace an unwanted behavior with a positive one. Providing your child with an alternative reaction or response to negative behavior is shown in ABA therapy as it is at our own ABA clinic here in Michigan. Using positive reinforcement helps to encourage and strengthen the likelihood of the wanted behavior becoming adopted. It tends to be an effective form of intervention, as it spans throughout many areas of your child’s life.

Finding a Fit

The reality of autism is that there is no master blueprint for this intervention. While there are many types of behavioral therapy, each child’s experience is unique. It is going to take patience and flexibility from your family as you all work together to find a plan that works for him. Your child’s therapist will design an individualized plan which will require close monitoring and adjusting. Long-term therapy has been proven to improve the behaviors of children with autism by focusing on skills, including:

  • Self-care
  • Communication
  • Social living
  • Play

ABA Therapy

Finding an ABA clinic that fits your needs is imperative. You will be an enormous part of your child’s therapy; learning techniques from your therapist and implementing them at home and in his various natural environments. Your therapist will help you and your child break down skills for your child to practice through repetition, praise, and positive rewards. This form of therapy tends to build a strong foundation which your child will continue to build on. Finding an ABA clinic that feels like the right match for your family is vital.

ABA has been a well-researched and widely used behavioral therapy for more than five decades. It is a well-structured intervention approach and many times, where children start. Along with ABA, behavior therapies to meet additional needs are also offered, including:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

    Works well for children with mild symptoms as they learn to start recognizing their triggers and reactions. They learn ways to choose an alternate, more appropriate action or response.

  • Verbal Behavioral Therapy:

    This form of therapy helps non-verbal children to communicate effectively with intent. The therapist chooses a particularly stimulating motivator for your child that will help him begin to understand that utilizing language will bring him a wanted result.

  • Social Skills Groups:

    A beneficial way to help your child engage with others, practice communication, and reinforce positive learned behaviors. The therapist will be there for guidance in helping your child determine and use the desired behaviors he has learned.

As Michigan’s preferred ABA clinic, we invite you to come and explore our center. Blossom Children’s Center is all-encompassing, and our dedicated team is here for you. If you aren’t in the Michigan area, we still strive to be a reliable resource for your family. You’ll find answers to many of your autism-related questions, helpful tips, advice, and events on our blog. Visit us now for a more in-depth look into ABA for your child.

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  1. Chris Pederson
    Chris Pederson says:

    It’s good to know that cognitive-behavioral therapy can help identify what triggers a child’s reaction. Parents can assume all they want about what does it. A professional therapist can figure it out for them.


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